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Pamela Precious

The four things you need to know about Lasting Powers of Attorney

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Hopefully the vaccine rollmout means the threat of Covid-19 will recede as we move further into 2021. However, media stories over the past year, and possibly personal experiences, will have underlined the important and beneficial role of having your affairs...

Now is a good time to get your affairs in order

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None of us like to think about our eventual demise or about the practicalities if we become dependent on the care of others; that is perfectly understandable. However, as a solicitor who has advised many local individuals, couples and families, I can say...

Can I make or change a Will during lockdown?

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This is one of a series of blogs answering questions people have raised with us about practical issues in relation to the Covid-19 lockdown. Yes, it is perfectly possible to make or change your Will during the lockdown. It is all about putting practical...

If I make an LPA do I instantly lose control over my affairs?

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A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) can have immediate effect if you specifically want this to be the case but otherwise, no - making an LPA will not mean you lose control over your affairs straight away. LPAs allow you to choose and appoint one or more...