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Richard Hugill

Update on commercial tenancies during the Pandemic

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Unsurprisingly, the restrictions on forfeiture of business tenancies for non-payment of rent are to continue in England until 30 June 2021 - but what is likely to happen after that? Central government are likely to want to avoid an abrupt cliff-edge...

What is the latest on business tenancies as we emerge from the Coronavirus lock-down?

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In my 20 May blog post I looked at the options potentially available to commercial landlords when dealing with tenants who were already in default prior to the enforced closure of businesses brought about by Covid-19. In this post, I address two...

Options for a commercial landlord if a tenant was in default before lockdown

  • Posted

The current Covid-19 crisis has prompted some commercial tenants to request temporary variations to their rent. We have previously highlighted some of the options open to both commercial landlords and tenants in reaching a negotiated agreement . However,...

Landlords terminating a commercial property tenancy

  • Posted

If you are the landlord of commercial premises, there are situations where you will want to terminate a current tenancy at or following the end of a contractual term, even if your tenant is reliable and is not defaulting on rent or other obligations. For...

Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims

  • Posted

From 1st October 2017, businesses seeking to recover debts from individuals are subject to the new ‘Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims’. Failing to follow the Protocol, or getting it wrong, may prove to be an expensive mistake. The Protocol...