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Susie runs 60 miles in September to fundraise for Cancer Research UK

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Susie runs 60 miles in September to fundraise for Cancer Research UK

Well done to Susie Mortonson for completing the challenge to run 60 miles in a month and so raise money for Cancer Research UK. She has completed her mileage target and smashed her initial fundraising target of £2,000, with over £2,700 'in the pot' and donations still coming in.

Susie explains her motivation for taking part:

‘Someone very special to me has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. I will, of course, support her every step of the way but I also wanted to do something practical to raise money for all those facing the same battle. So I signed up to run 60 miles over the month of September, ideally 2 miles a day. Now two miles a day might not seem too demanding but with a knee injury and small children keeping me awake at night, I knew I would need to persevere every day to meet the target. This is nothing compared to the challenges facing those with cancer but means I can do something meaningful to support Cancer Research UK’s fundraising efforts. I am so grateful for the support shown by friends, colleagues and professional contacts.’

Susie’s Justgiving page remains open for a few days and can be found at:


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