Debt recovery

We specialise in recovering the money you are owed. Our practical and efficient approach, backed by specialist legal expertise, means we can advise on the most effective methods to recovery your money.

Legal expertise

Our Debt Recovery Team provides a specialist service to clients who want to recover unpaid sums of money whether arising from a written agreement, a verbal agreement or an unpaid invoice.

Fixed fee service

We offer a fixed fee service and can also provide advice on enforcement options once judgment is obtained against a debtor. Our team has extensive experience and acts for a wide range of clients from multi-national organisations through to individuals.

We offer a four stage debt recovery service

Stage 1: Letter of Claim. In most cases a letter of claim from a solicitor can result in payment.

Stage 2: Negotiation. If after the letter of claim has been sent, you and the debtor seek to negotiate a realistic payment plan, we can lead the negotiations on your behalf to achieve a beneficial result.

Stage 3: Litigation. If the debtor fails to respond or make payment following the letter of claim, or defaults on any payment plan, it will be necessary to commence litigation and obtain a County Court Judgment against them; we can take the necessary steps, efficiently and effectively.

Stage 4: Enforcement. Some debtors may not pay even when a judgment is obtained against them. There are a number of options which can be pursued in order to seek to enforce the judgment - and get paid.

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Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims

From 1st October 2017, businesses seeking to recover debts from individuals are subject to the new ‘Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims’. The rules also apply to individuals trading as businesses. Failing to follow the Protocol, or getting it wrong, may prove to be an expensive mistake. More information on what you should do and how we can help

Tailored approach

We can provide a tailored service to tie in with a business’s existing in-house credit control policy to provide a seamless transition between creditor and solicitors.

Our Team has the added benefit of being part of Harrowells’ Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department and can therefore offer clients the full expertise of that department should a debt recovery matter evolve into a more complex litigation matter.

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