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Divorce solicitors

If you are dealing with a divorce or separation, Harrowells are here to achieve the best outcome for you

It is vital to understand where you stand legally before committing to any proposals, and it is advisable to get that information from a divorce lawyer at an early stage before any decisions are made.

At Harrowells, our divorce solicitors in York, Clifton Moor, Haxby, Easingwold, Thirsk, Pocklington and Malton offer initial confidential appointments to all new clients so that you can discuss any concerns you have, work out with your solicitor what your main objectives are and find out the best way to achieve them.

The process of getting divorced or separating from your partner can seem confusing and intimidating, with lots of paperwork and legal details you need to get right. Our divorce lawyers will guide you every step of the way, making sure everything is done correctly, so you can formally end your relationship as smoothly as possible.

Our divorce solicitors will also adopt a style that best works for you. Divorce does not need to be antagonistic, and it doesn’t mean that we cannot work amicably and constructively. What we will do is set out the options for you and let you tell us how you want us to handle things for you. 

We know that every divorce is different, and managing your ex-partner can feel like an impossible task, but our experience allows us to effectively manage even the most difficult and narcissistic divorces. If you have experienced domestic abuse, it is important that you make us aware of this so we can ensure you are properly supported and that we give you the correct divorce advice.

At Harrowells, we have a strong team of family and divorce solicitors, who are supported by the wider team. You will always deal with the same members of staff who make it a priority to get to know you and your circumstances. For more information on how our family law solicitors can assist, see our no fault divorce page.

We believe firmly in costs transparency, so we will discuss the divorce solicitor cost and fees upfront and ensure that we have a pricing plan in place to suit your budget. We will discuss with you the option of fixed fee divorces and deferred fee arrangements to ensure that it remains affordable for you to instruct one of our divorce solicitors.

Often the process of divorce is only one aspect of a wider range of issues. Typically, you will need advice on securing a fair and appropriate financial settlement, and if you have children, then arrangements for their care needs to be considered and agreed. We can ensure that all aspects are reflected in the advice and support we provide to you. Find out more about our full range of Divorce and Family Law services

Divorce solicitors client testimonials

We pride ourselves on adopting a focused and pragmatic approach and draw on a range of negotiating styles to achieve the right outcome for you. Read what our clients say about the expertise, support and commitment we bring to our work:

‘Thank you for all your help along the way in giving me the confidence to stand up for what I am entitled to and frankly coming away with a far better deal than I would have accepted.’

‘I would like to pass on my thanks to you for all the support and guidance provided during this difficult time. I appreciate your honesty and clear guidance given and, without your help, I would not have got this far.’

Contact our friendly, expert divorce lawyers

Whilst we are physically based in Yorkshire, because of our recognised expertise and effectiveness in dealing with divorce and family law matters, our local divorce solicitors regularly assist clients throughout the UK.

We are very happy to hold meetings by phone or video call as well as, for more locally based clients, at one of our offices in North and East Yorkshire. We can be flexible and schedule our initial meeting with you outside normal office hours if that better suits your circumstances.

We offer our specialist Family Law advice on a privately funded basis, and this means we are unable to offer our services on a ‘Legal Aid’ basis. We know that our clients don’t want to be surprised by solicitor bills, so we are open and realistic with you from the outset about how much we think your case will cost.

Contact us today to speak to a specialist divorce lawyer with the skills and experience to fight your corner, protect your interests and provide bespoke divorce advice.

Our divorce advice services

Financial Settlements and Consent Orders

Our specialist divorce solicitors have represented a full spectrum of clients and have dealt with divorces involving businesses, farming divorces and reaching financial settlements in situations where they are disparities in terms of income or pension. 

We have been very successful in achieving settlements for our clients in cases of complex and high value financial arrangements, including:

  • The family home
  • Additional properties
  • Pension assets, including occupational pension schemes and private funds
  • Farms and agricultural land
  • Businesses, including limited companies and partnerships
  • Shareholdings and complex Shareholders Agreements
  • International divorce property and assets
  • Offshore Trusts

Financial matters tend to be arranged in parallel to the procedural aspects of divorce, and the vast majority of financial settlements are successfully negotiated without going to court. The agreed settlement will be made legally binding by applying to court for a consent order.

We have considerable experience helping clients come to amicable agreements and negotiating settlements which work for every member of the family, even in complex scenarios involving businesses, agricultural holdings or overseas property.

Sorting out your finances upon divorce or separation can be a daunting task and an economically uncertain time. However, with the help of our specialist divorce solicitors, you will be back on your feet and moving towards the future with confidence and stability.

It’s always beneficial to start addressing financial matters as early on as possible to avoid you or your former partner encountering any difficulties. We will be by your side throughout the process, providing clear, practical advice about the best way to proceed and expertly negotiating with your former partner to come to a successful financial settlement on your behalf.

International Divorce

We have wide ranging experience in advising in relation to international divorce, including the complexities that can arise from multi-national property portfolios, investment or pension assets. As experts in legal issues relating to children, we regularly assist in relation to child relocation or moving abroad with children.

Farming Divorce

As specialists in agricultural legal matters more generally, we have considerable expertise in dealing with farming divorce. We understand the particular complexities associated with financial settlements involving agricultural land holdings and property, farming partnerships and limited companies and inter-generational and cross-family involvement in farming businesses.

Arrangements for Children

Alongside divorce, there is often a need to make arrangements for children and where they should live and how often they should spend time with their other parent. Our team will support and advise you on what arrangement is going to work best for your family with the aim of reaching an agreement outside of court.

Change of name

If you are separated from your ex, and you want to change your name or that of your children, Harrowells can assist you with this. We will prepare the necessary paperwork, arrange execution and advise you on how to register this with the relevant authorities.

Divorce law explained

From preparing your Divorce Application to applying for the Conditional Order and obtaining your Final Order, we will take care of the process for you. 

How long does a divorce take in the UK?

Getting a divorce takes a minimum of 26 weeks (6 months) to finalise, though we usually don’t finalise your divorce until you have a financial settlement, to protect any pension or insurance benefits you may be entitled to.

What are grounds for divorce in the UK?

At present, there is only one ground for divorce, and that is the marriage has irretrievably broken down. This means it is possible to apply for a divorce without having to place ‘blame’ on your former partner, or rely on a reason for divorce.

Can you get a no fault divorce in the UK?

Yes, you can get a no fault divorce in the UK. UK divorce laws changed on 6 April 2022, setting out new divorce regulations.

Can my spouse contest divorce?

It is no longer possible for your spouse to contest a divorce application form except in very limited circumstances, such as where fraud has occurred or where the parties are not legally married.

Do you need to go to court for divorce?

No, but you may need to go to court to resolve your financial settlement or the arrangements for your children if you cannot agree.

What is divorce mediation?

Mediation is used prior to going to court and allows you to explore whether you and your spouse can reach an agreement and, if not, find out where their red lines are and what sticking points there may be between you. It is not for everyone, and there are exemptions to the process should you not feel it is something that you want to do,

Can you get divorced online?

The divorce process is now completely online, and you or your solicitor will be notified at each stage of what action is required.

How much does a divorce cost in the UK?

The average cost to get a divorce is around £1,500 plus a court fee of £593. Additional divorce solicitors fees will vary depending on the circumstances of the case and how complex the issues that need to be sorted are.

Who pays divorce costs?

The general rule is that each party pays their own costs, but depending upon the fact used for the divorce, it is likely that your spouse will be required to pay some or all of your divorce fees.

Do I need a solicitor for divorce?

It is advisable to have a solicitor to ensure that the paperwork is completed correctly and to ensure that you do not leave yourself exposed to unfair financial hardships. The divorce process in the UK can be overwhelming, especially for anyone who does not instruct expert legal support.

Divorce law insights from Harrowells

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Looking for clear, practical advice and support for any area of divorce law?  Our divorce solicitors in York, Clifton Moor, Haxby, Easingwold, Thirsk, Pocklington and Malton can arrange meetings at any of our offices, over the telephone or via video to suit you.