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Can I get divorced online?

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Can I get divorced online?

The answer is yes, but do so with extreme caution as dealing with your divorce incorrectly can result in missed financial claims or a failure to stop your ex from coming back and claiming against you in the future. There are at least two strands to every divorce. Firstly, the legal process dissolving the marriage and, secondly, securing a financial settlement.

Completing Court papers and trying to understand your entitlement to money and pension, can be extremely daunting. The divorce process also requires the completion of various forms and applications which, when already dealing with the fallout of a separation, can feel like one job too many.

Both aspects of a divorce will seem far less overwhelming and manageable for you when dealt with by someone who is used to the process. This can often be undertaken on a fixed fee which makes it financially viable and means that you can pass the legwork on to you solicitor. 

However, it is the second part of this process - reaching a financial settlement - that is particularly difficult and full of risk when you don’t have a solicitor protecting your interests. 

When you get married, there are automatic financial claims which you can make against your husband or wife when you separate. Not all of these claims apply to every marriage but you may be entitled to claim against property, income or pensions and sometimes it doesn’t matter how long you have been married for.

Even if you believe that there are no financial claims to be made, you should have an agreement drawn up by a solicitor which you and your former spouse should sign to say that you are not making any claims. If you don’t then you are leaving the door open for your spouse to come back months, or even years, down the line. 

So whilst it is possible to get divorced online, you should make sure that you have taken advice from a specialist before deciding if that is a risk worth taking.

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