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Wills, Trusts & Probate

Making a Will is the one occasion when you give away everything you own in one document. Draw on our expertise to make sure you get it right. Independently recognised by Legal 500 we are cited for our 'excellent and compassionate service'.

Ensuring your wishes are carried out

It may not be a thought to relish but, on your death, something has to happen to everything that you own and somebody has to make sure that it all passes to the right people. There are ‘intestacy’ rules which dictate what happens to the estate of a person who dies without making a Will – but these might not necessarily reflect what you would choose to happen.

Advice tailored to your situation

You may have assets which need to be dealt with in a particular way; you may have family circumstances which require careful treatment; there may be tax issues which should be considered. If you have young children, you should think about appointing someone to look after them. There may even be matters which you don’t realise need consideration – particularly if you own property, have more complex financial circumstances or are divorcing or remarrying.

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Will, inheritance & trust disputes can arise where Wills are ambiguously drafted, fail to take into account changed circumstances or are not correctly witnessed and signed. Our trained and fully regulated advisers have the expertise to ensure your wishes are reflected in a properly prepared document.

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