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Mediation of Agricultural Disputes

There may be situations where you are in dispute with other landowners or tenants, with suppliers or customers, or other partners/directors within your business.

You may be looking to mediation as a means to resolve the dispute. Mediation, if applied correctly, can be an effective means of drawing opposing parties to a position of workable compromise, thereby saving both sides further escalation of the wider costs that can arise from ongoing disputes.

Richard Hugill is unusual in being both a trained mediator and a litigation lawyer experienced in advising on agricultural and other rural business issues. As such, he can bring together his mediation skills, legal knowledge and an understanding of the agricultural sector to guide mediating parties to a conclusion acceptable to both sides.

Typically those seeking to use mediation already have a solicitor advising them; this is quite normal and often it will be advising solicitor who recommends the use of mediation. Whilst your solicitor's role is exclusively to advise you (and the opposing party will probably have their own solicitor doing the same for them), Richard's role, when conducting a mediation, is not to advise either party but to work with them and their advisers to establish and define workable common ground.