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This page contains all our blogs related to Divorce & Family Law. If you are interested in a specific area, you may prefer to view one of our specialized subcategories.

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Gaslighting...are you a victim?

Sophie Crane
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You may be familiar with the term “Gaslighting” but may not fully understand what this means. Gaslighting is a subtle, yet dangerous form of control and the victim is usually unaware that they are experiencing it.  In simple terms it...

Why you should not post about Family court proceedings on social media

Rebecca Laffan
  • Posted
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When in the middle of either Financial Remedy Proceedings or Children Act Proceedings, it can be tempting to post about the court proceedings on personal social media accounts. Although this may seem like a good idea at the time, it is not something you...

Tips for successful co-parenting over Christmas

Amy Foweather
  • Posted
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For separated and divorced parents, navigating the complexities of sharing time with the children during the holidays can be challenging.  The significance of co-parenting during the holidays is a testament to the commitment of both parents to...

Legal 500 - Fantastic results for Harrowells

Peter Mills
  • Posted
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Each year Legal 500 publish a report focused on the quality of advice and nature of work undertaken by leading law firms in the UK, including our own. Legal 500 base their assessment, to a significant extent, on feedback given directly to Legal 500 by our...

I've been served with a Non-Molestation Order - what should I do?

Debra Jackson
  • Posted
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Over the last decade, injunctions made under the Family Law Act have increased by around 50%, as the law related to Domestic Abuse has continued to expand. Obviously, there are many cases in which people need the protection of the Court, and an Order is...

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