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Christmas: Taking the pressure off already strained relationships

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Christmas: Taking the pressure off already strained relationships

It is well known that the most busy time for divorce lawyers is January.  This is because already strained personal and family relationships can come under particular pressure over the Christmas and New Year period.

Having seen many January divorces of the years, we have come to understand some of the most common reasons why the festive season places so much strain on us and how you can try to avoid them:

Discuss how and where you want to celebrate

It is always difficult to decide whether to spend Christmas at home or with which side of the family.  Sit down in advance and discuss the options and the practicalities.  When you agree to one suggestion, be sure to say that you will go with the other suggestion next year.


Agree a family budget in advance and stick to it.  Don’t allow yourself to spend more than you can afford.

Set a cleaning rota

Include your partner, the children (and the in-laws if they’re coming over!)  Give everyone a role and make sure you don’t take on too much and start to feel resentful. 

Think before you drink

Excessive drinking at Christmas can heighten emotions and lead to arguments and saying something you may later regret.

Make time for each other

Christmas is a busy time but it also a holiday.  Leave yourself time to relax and fit in a ‘date night’ before the children go back to school!