Personal Injury Trusts

A personal injury trust can help you maximise the value of your compensation and make it last. We have the expertise to set up and run a personal injury trust for you.

Expertise in this highly specialised area

Are you due or in receipt of personal injury compensation? If so, a personal injury trust could mean:

  • You can continue to receive means tested benefits and all the passport benefits attached
  • You can protect your compensation and any property you purchase with it from the expenses of long term residential care
  • Peace of mind that your trustees will be responsible for investing and budgeting the compensation to ensure it is available when you need it
  • Security that your compensation will only be used to benefit you

Practical advice and support

Using a personal injury trust to organise your money is usually very straightforward. Your compensation will become the trust and will be looked after by trustees, who are obliged to manage your money in a way that benefits you. Your trustees can be family or professionals. However, you and your spouse can not be trustees.

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