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Fashion City York. Another aspect of York's appeal

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Fashion City York. Another aspect of Yorks appeal

York is a city in an enviable position - it is a visitor destination with an international reputation. However, it also means it has to work hard to demonstrate that its tourist ‘draw’ runs beyond major attractions like the Minster, the Yorvik Centre and the Racecourse and that, for residents, it is a living city with a great range of services as well as a beautiful setting.

In this context, initiatives like Fashion City York play an important role in expanding the city’s appeal. The initiative’s key annual event is York Fashion Week (which ran 16-22 April this year); this showcases - to both residents and visitors - the strength and diversity of the city’s fashion retailers.

We have long recognised that the success of our own business depends on an economy that comprises a range of thriving sectors and where there is a balance of national and locally owned businesses. For this reason, we have a tradition of supporting initiatives across a range of business sectors and so are really pleased to be one of the sponsors of Fashion City York.

As in previous years, the excitement and colour of York Fashion Week was been underpinned by a serious and really important business objective – to demonstrate that fashion retailing is an integral part of the city’s economic success.

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