Tracking progress online

Our approach is to be proactive; we always let you know what is happening. Nevertheless, you also have the facility to track progress online - as it happens.

Online updates throughout the process

If you have already signed up, you can access the service via 'client login' or clicking on the red button on this page.

The key features of the Online Property Tracking Service are:

  • We divide your transaction into a number of key stages; each time a key stage is passed, we post this information onto a special, password protected area of our website
  • We also have the facility to post notes to give you additional information about the progress of the transaction
  • You can also choose to receive updates by email or text message (SMS); these are triggered each time a key stage is passed

The Online Property Tracking Service also includes helpful information about what each stage of the transaction entails; this feature is particularly helpful for first time buyers