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Kim Daniells

Ockenden Report: key facts and findings

  • Posted

You may have seen coverage of the recently published Ockenden Report in the mainstream media.The report, completed by senior midwife Donna Ockenden examined the failures in maternity care at the Shrewsbury & Telford Trust upon hundreds of families over...

Changing solicitors during the course of a personal injury claim

  • Posted

Individuals contemplating any legal action or transaction think carefully about the solicitor that they are going to approach to deal with the matter. Most then remain happy with their choice of legal advisor and indeed may go back to instruct that solicitor...

The strains of working life and occupational stress claims

  • Posted

Recent emphasis in the media upon issues relating to mental health have highlighted for all of us, the pressures that we can encounter in modern life. Employers too are becoming increasingly aware that the stresses and strains of working life can be so...

Health and safety - essential for saving lives

  • Posted

An inquest into the death of an engineer killed by an ammonia leak at a brewery has concluded. David Chandler, from Bridgnorth, Shropshire, died at the Carlsberg plant in Northampton on 9 November 2016. The 45-year-old died after inhaling ammonia,...

Concerns about the care of an elderly relative

  • Posted

Improved standards of living and healthcare means that the over 80s are now the fastest growing section of the UK population. As a result, more people are receiving residential and nursing care in old age. In most cases, they are comfortable and looked after...

Still births: a special report

  • Posted

Few incidents are as distressing as a stillbirth. The numbers of stillbirths in England and Wales has fallen gradually during the last 20 years and most recent figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show a 1.1 per cent decline to 3,112 in...

Action For Brain Injury Week

  • Posted

Our experience at working with, and for, individuals who have suffered a serious brain injury has made it clear that it is not just the individual that is impacted. Brain injuries change the lives of those who have suffered injury and impact upon the futures...

Helping abuse victims - each and every day

  • Posted

Legal professionals dealing with cases for sexual abuse or assault are, quite rightly, focussed on their role in achieving either a criminal conviction or an award of compensation. In pursuing these matters they are righting historic injustices,...