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Your Farm - Your Future: Getting on the front foot

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Your Farm - Your Future: Getting on the front foot

Whatever form Brexit ultimately takes, opportunities and threats will be thrown up along the way. To ensure a viable business post-Brexit, farmers need to ensure their business is fit for purpose now.

In our experience, those farmers who ‘get on the front foot’, actually broach those sensitive subjects such what kind of business do we want to run and how will the next generation be involved, end up with clear plans and sound businesses that can weather difficulties more easily and react more quickly and more effectively to opportunities that might arise.

How do you review the performance of your business and how regularly? How do you make your business plans attractive to banks when applying for funding? How should the business be structured to avoid potential future problems? These are the kinds of issues you should be discussing with your professional advisers, be they your accountant, agricultural agent or solicitor.

This article was originally posted to promote a series of seminars held at the Cleveland Tontine and in the Leyburn area in May 2018.

Our articles are intended for general information purposes only and are not a substitute for professional advice tailored to your specific circumstances. We are always very happy to discuss any plans, issues or concerns you may have and to clarify how we might be able to help. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss as a result of acts or omissions taken in respect of this article.