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Personal Injury Claims Against Professionals

If you think your solicitor has not dealt with your personal injury claim effectively, you will feel very let down and be wondering whether you have lost out financially as a result. We can help.

Nationwide advice

We pursue claims against solicitors who have been negligent in their handling of personal injury claims. Do any of the following apply to your personal injury compensation or negligence case?

  • The claim that was settled for far less that you expected
  • Your case was ‘struck out’
  • You have experienced missed deadlines and delays

If so, we have the expertise and track record to help you. We can advise you on whether you have a suitable claim and can prepare a robust case. This is a highly specialised service and few other solicitors are in a position to offer it.

Our expertise is available on a nationwide basis and we offer a range of funding options, so that you can pursue your case with confidence and peace of mind.

Other types of negligence

We also advise on other types of professional negligence, including: