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Stephen Proctor

How buying rural land can throw up legal complexities for the unwary

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One of my recent cases threw up a multitude of legal issues in a single project. A long-standing farming client was buying 40 acres of ancient woodland dating from the 17th century and wanted to set up a shoot. This sounds straightforward, how complicated...

Property backed finance and second order effects

  • Posted

Think you would not be affected by a ‘No deal’ Brexit because your business is not directly reliant on exports or imports or heavily dependent on staff from other EU countries? If you are in this situation, be careful to think about what are...

Farming and potential Brexit turbulence

  • Posted

In an earlier blog , Paul Burkinshaw summarised the Government’s current position in relation to a No Deal Brexit and farm payments, rural development funding and organic food production and labelling. The general thrust is that the government is...

Farming: Developing resilient businesses

  • Posted

Individually and collectively, farmers are obviously thinking about Brexit and the likely transition and ultimate outcome. Will many farming businesses need to reconfigure radically? Will there be major consolidation? How will supply chains and markets...

Getting your ducks in a row

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Whether they are buying, leasing or selling commercial property, our job is to help our clients strike the right deal for their business and to deal with any issues that might threaten to delay or compromise a successful conclusion. Where transactions rely...