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Co-Parenting during Covid-19

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Co-Parenting during Covid-19

The government has confirmed that arrangements for children to move between the households of separated families is permitted.

Parents are being asked to carry out a sensible assessment of the circumstances before deciding what the arrangements should be. That assessment should include consideration of the health and wellbeing of everyone is each household, the precautions which can be taken and the impact on the children of not seeing the other parent.   

If you cannot reach an agreement with your co-parent, an urgent application can be made to the Family Court to determine this short-term issue.  The family court judge will scrutinise the actions of both parents and determine what is a reasonable and safe arrangement.  If you are in that position you should speak to a family lawyer first and they will be able to advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of your argument and also explain how virtual Court Hearings are operating and what you can expect.

Another issue which families are facing is home schooling; but for separated families who does the responsibility fall upon to keep up with this?  Where possible, online and home schooling materials should be shared and both parents should play an active role. This can be done virtually with the absent parent helping and supporting the child remotely with completion of homework, or even just supervising the child during virtual lessons.

If you need advice concerning children and child arrangements or other matters relating to divorce and separation, please do contact Harrowells Family Law Team.

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