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Business Mediation Solicitors

‘Mediation’ is a way to resolve almost any type of business dispute and can be used either as an alternative to, or to complement, more ‘established’ dispute resolution systems, such as litigation through the courts, arbitration and such like. The many advantages of mediation done successfully are that:

  • it puts the parties in control of resolving their own dispute, as opposed to a judge or arbitrator imposing a decision upon them
  • it removes uncertainty of outcome with litigation etc. and it removes the financial risks involved (including judges deciding who should pay costs and in what amounts);
  • it offers almost boundless flexibility and choice in how parties resolve their disputes;
  • it is quick;
  • it is cost-effective and proportionate; and
  • it can salvage important relationships, whether commercial or otherwise.

Richard Hugill, a Partner in our Litigation & Dispute Resolution Department, who is ranked as a ‘Leading Individual’ for Dispute Resolution in the Chambers UK legal directory, is accredited as a Civil & Commercial Mediator. He is also a member of the specialist Agricultural Law Association Dispute Resolution Panel.

Richard is able to bring his skills as an experienced practising litigator to the mediation process; he himself represents businesses of all descriptions and sizes in not just mediations, but also litigation through courts and tribunals, as well as arbitrations, adjudications and expert determination proceedings. As well as being commercial and pragmatic in his approach, Richard understands the wider context in which mediation sits and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of English court procedures, rules and protocols, i.e. the ‘ins and outs’ of the alternatives to mediation for clients and lawyers alike.