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Claims Against Professionals

Claims against professionals are usually known as Professional Negligence claims. This is a specialised area of law and one where we would recommend that you employ an experienced solicitor to help you.

The team is headed up by Simon Black and Richard Hugill, both of whom have successfully pursued numerous claims on behalf of grateful clients.

Defence team

In addition to pursuing claims for clients against professionals, we also act for many professionals themselves and have successfully been retained to defend such professionals against claims, to either defeat them entirely or at least mitigate and reduce the level of such claims if an unfortunate mistake has been made.

We act for clients on a regional and national basis in view of our reputation in this area.

Against which professionals do we act?

We will assess and advise on all manner of claims against any professional who has let you or your business down, including against:

Solicitors - if your solicitor has made a mistake or not done what you wanted, they may have to face a claim.

Surveyors/valuers - if your surveyor has been negligent, for example in failing to advise you about defects in a property you asked them to survey.

Accountants - if your accountant has given you bad advice, for example bad tax advice, then they may have a claim to face.

Others - for example, architects, banks, barristers, estate agents, financial advisers, insurance brokers, trustees, tax advisers, veterinary practitioners.

Medical Negligence - in addition, visit our clinical negligence site, www.cnci.co.uk, should you have any issues with any aspect of your and a family member's medical care or treatment.


Most professionals carry professional indemnity insurance to cover them in the event that they face a claim. The advantage of this to claimants is that the claim should be one step removed from the actual professional themselves, and you should be able to recover your compensation even if the professional was not in a position to meet your claim financially.

Funding disputes

The cost of disputes can be off putting so we offer a range of potential funding solutions, including in appropriate cases:

  • Results based agreements (contingency/damages based agreements)
  • Hourly charge rates
  • Fixed fees
  • After The Event (ATE) insurance
  • A range of other pricing options, including capped fees