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Courts and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Although many disputes do still proceed to court, we recognise that, in many cases, clients’ interests are served in seeking to resolve disputes in other ways outside of the court process.

Broad experience of court process

Members of the team have broad experience of progressing cases through the County Court, the High Court, specialist courts such as the Companies Court, the Technology & Construction Court and the Mercantile Court, as well as the Court of Appeal.

Alternative procedures

Alternative procedures for resolving disputes quite often offer more flexible or suitable options to (or, in some cases, can be instigated simultaneously with) litigation. Our team prides itself on being able to build an approach around your goals, recommending and pursuing alternative dispute resolution wherever and whenever appropriate. As well as straightforward negotiation, some popular forms of alternative dispute resolution involve:-

  • adjudication (a quick, binding, but interim decision of an independent adjudicator),
  • arbitration (a binding decision of an arbiter appointed jointly by the parties),
  • early neutral evaluation (a non-binding expert opinion on the respective merits of each party’s case),
  • expert determination (a contractually binding decision made by an appropriate industry expert), and
  • mediation (negotiation through a trained third party facilitator)

Our alternative dispute resolution solicitors can arrange meetings at any of our local offices in York and across Yorkshire, so simply contact your nearest Harrowells office in York, St Saviourgate, Clifton Moor, Easingwold, Haxby, Pocklington, Malton, and Thirsk.