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Can we stop our divorce?

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Can we stop our divorce?

Applying for a divorce can be daunting and often clients will voice concerns and doubts about if they are making the right decision. This is all completely understandable and something we regularly talk to clients about this as part of the process.

In making the decision to proceed, some clients want to know if the application is then like a runaway train, or if they can still control the timings and ultimately change their mind, for example, in the event of reconciliation attempts.

In summary, you can keep the proceedings on hold or apply to dismiss the application until such time that the final order has been made, which concludes the divorce.

Such decisions would need to be made jointly, as once the application for divorce has commenced, it is possible for both parties to make an application to proceed with and conclude the divorce in the absence of the other party not doing so.

If you want more information about your options and whether or not to start proceedings, please contact us and someone from our specialist family law team will contact you to discuss your circumstances in confidence, with no obligations to proceed.

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