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How employers can prepare for attendance at an online employment tribunal

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How employers can prepare for attendance of an online employment tribunal

Given the increased likelihood of having to defend tribunal claims, it is important that businesses understand the process and logistics of attending a hearing. This is arguably even more important now that many employment tribunal hearings are being conducted remotely as a result of the pandemic.

In the majority of cases, remote employment tribunal hearings tend to be conducted using the Ministry of Justice’s video technology called Cloud Video Platform (CVP).  This can be used on Windows and Mac computers as well as Apple, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.

A few guidance points:

  1. The Tribunal will send out a link to join the hearing and it is recommended that you use Google Chrome to launch CVP.
  2. The device you use for the hearing should have a camera and microphone and these should be tested in advance in order to avoid difficulties on the day.
  3. Where at least one of the parties in the proceedings is represented by a solicitor the bundle of witness statements and evidence should be in electronic format.
  4. Try and have two devices during the hearing: one to connect to the hearing, and another to view the electronic bundle. This will help you locate particular pages of the bundle quickly whilst giving evidence.  If not, make sure you have an exact hard copy of the bundle.
  5. Remember that the remote hearing is still formal and should treated as such.  Therefore, all witnesses should dress smartly.  You should ensure that witnesses give evidence in a quiet room and without others being present.
  6. Make sure you have good Wi-fi connection.

If you would like legal advice on how to prepare for a remote hearing and/or on an employment tribunal claim more generally, then please do get in touch with our Employment Team.

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