Powers of Attorney & Advance Decisions

In our experience many people who put in place Powers of Attorney well before they are needed are those who have seen the effects of delayed or no legal planning on the care and needs of other family members.

Deciding who should look after your affairs

Deciding who should look after your affairs if you lack capacity to manage them yourself is an important issue. Deferring such decisions can severely limit your legal options. For example, Lasting Powers of Attorney cannot be prepared for individuals who are already beginning to lose capacity.

Expert legal advice

We can help you decide what kind of legal and other documents you should have in place. We can also guide you in how to broach what are often sensitive issues with other family members. Specific issues we can advise on in relation to Powers of Attorney are:

  • Creation of a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)
  • Registration of LPAs and Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA)
  • Advice on use
  • Applications to remove an attorney
  • Revoke an LPA or EPA

Advance Decisions & Capacity Assessments

We can also help where other specialised advice may be required including:

  • Advance Decisions’ (sometimes know as ‘Advanced Directives’)
  • Capacity Assessments

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