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Settlement Agreement Solicitors

Act in your own best interests; contact us now to ensure that you receive the best possible advice in relation to your settlement agreement and the various options open to you.

Agreements now more commonplace

Settlement agreements (the new name for compromise agreements) are becoming more and more commonplace in the workplace and are used in a variety of different situations (e.g. where an employee is being made redundant or where there is a dispute between an employee and his/her employer). Employees who enter into settlement agreements usually agree to give up any claims that they may have against their employer in return for receiving an agreed sum of money.

Specialist advice

It is critical, if you are being asked to sign a settlement agreement, that you take advice from a specialist employment solicitor. Many people believe (wrongly in our opinion) that settlement agreements are always straightforward and that little or no legal advice is required. Our view of settlement agreements couldn’t be more different. Experience has taught us that settlement agreements come in all different shapes and sizes; some are simple and can be completed with a minimum of fuss and delay, whilst others are more complex, involve many different issues (e.g. shares, pensions and bonus entitlements) and require time and effort to conclude.

Knowledge, skill and experience

Whatever your circumstances, if you instruct one of our employment solicitors to handle your settlement agreement then you can take comfort from knowing that your solicitor will use all of their knowledge, skill and experience to secure the best possible outcome for you. Our Employment Team has particular expertise in acting for executives and senior employees.