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Redundancy Solicitors

Employees who have been told that they are at risk of redundancy or who have been made redundant often need impartial, practical and authoritative advice.

Knowledge and experience

Our specialist team of employment lawyers have a wealth of experience in advising individuals who have been made redundant or who are facing the threat of redundancy.

Our knowledge and experience enables us to help individuals decide whether they should challenge their redundancy selection and/or the process that their employer has adopted. We also assist individuals by advising them of the strategies that they need to adopt in order to maximise their prospect of successfully challenging their selection for redundancy.

Skilled negotiators

Of course, not all redundancy related dismissals can be avoided. Our employment lawyers are skilled negotiators and the team has extensive experience of negotiating improved exit deals and enhanced redundancy packages for employees who have been dismissed or in cases where they have been asked to sign a settlement agreement.

The team also represents individuals in redundancy related unfair dismissal claims and has a proven track record of obtaining favourable settlements for employees in difficult cases.