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Disciplinary & grievance cases

Are you struggling to cope with a disciplinary or grievance issue at work? Our Employment Team have a proven track record for assisting employees in resolving workplace issues.

Preparation and confidence

If you are involved in a disciplinary or grievance process and are uncertain of your rights or how to proceed then the chances are that we will be able to assist you. Experience has taught us that if an employee is well prepared, confident of his or her position and able to present their arguments in a logical and consistent way then they stand the best possible chance of securing a favourable outcome.

Advice and support

Our specialist employment lawyers are frequently asked to assist employees in handling discipline and grievance issues. Typically, the advice that our solicitors give helps employees to ensure that they prepare fully for any hearings that they are required to attend and that they are aware of all the relevant issues.

Whatever your situation, you can be confident that our employment solicitors are on hand to give you practical and realistic advice at every step of the way.