Advice for those living with dementia

Active support

Fortunately medical understanding of dementia and general awareness of how to assist those diagnosed with dementia are improving all the time. We play an active role in national and local initiatives to improve the levels of understanding and practical support – including the 'Dementia Friends' programme where our solicitors help train staff in other local organisations.

Tailored advice

We have considerable experience of tailoring our advice to the specific needs of those living with dementia and their families. We take great care to ensure that advice is delivered in a reassuring manner, that information is provided in a format that can be readily understood and that other family members are involved in an appropriate way.

We have many areas of expertise that are relevant to those living with dementia including advice concerning:

  • The registering and operation of Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Deputies’ responsibilities in relation to the Court of Protection
  • The administration of someone’s financial affairs
  • Ensuring care arrangements and funding are properly reviewed
  • Other legal matters such as property ownership and Wills

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