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Divorcing a narcissist

An overblown sense of self-importance, a constant craving for admiration and a lack of empathy for others are just some of the traits of narcissism. So, as you can imagine, divorcing a narcissist brings its own very special difficulties.

Our specialist family lawyers are experienced in helping those divorcing a narcissist. We always tailor our negotiating stance to the needs and personalities presented in each divorce case. This is particularly important if you are faced with the prospect of a narcissistic spouse.

Conciliatory and collaborative approaches, which can be used successful in certain situations, simply feed the narcissist's desire to project their personality or to argue trivial points to the point of exhaustion. A firm negotiating style is required together with a willingness to use injunctions and other means to achieve progress and a sensible outcome.

You can read more about the challenges of divorcing a narcissist in our blog.

Inevitably, the process of divorcing a narcissist can be emotionally draining but we are there to support you through the process and to ensure we draw on our expertise to do all that is practical to move to a conclusion as rapidly as possible.

Our services to assist when divorcing a narcissist

Our divorce solicitors can advise on matters including:

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We are physically based in Yorkshire and, because of our recognised expertise and effectiveness in helping those divorcing narcissists, regularly assist clients throughout the UK.

We are very happy to hold meetings by phone or video call as well as, for more locally based clients, at one of our network of offices across North and East Yorkshire. We can be flexible and schedule our initial meeting with you outside your normal office hours if that better suits your circumstances

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