Our approach to costs

We know that our clients don’t want to be surprised by solicitor bills and so we are honest with you from the outset about how much we think your case will cost. We will provide you with an estimate of fees, based upon the known assets and the issues that will need to be addressed as well as our wealth of experience in dealing with cases like yours. As part of that estimate, we will discuss with you options for payment so that you can manage your budget. We will also send you regular updates on your fees so that you can ensure they remain manageable. 

As every family case is unique, we will tailor our involvement and approach by working to ensure you have support and representation as well as confidence that the cost is manageable.    In every case we do, we consider the most cost effective way to reach your desired outcome and will always give you honest and pragmatic advice.

Whilst we hope that your case can be settled by agreement, if a court hearing is required to put in place a structure and to ensure that the costs remain proportionate to the point in dispute, we will agree with you how this should be financed in line with your best interests.

At every stage we will work with you to ensure you can afford expert representation by developing a tailor made payment plan.

We offer a free initial meeting to all qualifying clients at any one of our offices at a time to suit you.

Next Steps

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