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Disciplinary, performance & grievance issues

It is inevitable that disputes will arise; the key is to ensure that you take advice at an early stage to ensure that those disputes are handled effectively from the outset.

Minimising risks

Most businesses at one time or another need advice and assistance when it comes to handling disciplinary, performance and grievance issues. Employers are often uncertain about how to handle a particular issue or about the steps that they need to take to resolve issues and/or minimise the risk of potential claims.

Many successful unfair and constructive dismissal cases relate directly to disciplinary, performance issues or grievances, where employers have failed to carry out a thorough investigation, failed to follow a fair process or failed to make a fair decision. It is therefore crucial that employers understand how to act in a way that protects their business.    

Practical and effective support

Our employment team are on hand to guide you through the issues and to advise you how to proceed in order to achieve the best possible outcome for your business whilst minimising the risk of a successful and costly claim against you.

Whether you are a large organisation in need of a 'second opinion' or a smaller employer in need of a more 'hands on' approach we will work with you to ensure that your workplace disputes are handled effectively and that the disruption that can often be caused by disciplinary, performance and grievance issues is kept to a minimum.