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Actions to prevent unfair competition

Is your business at threat from a former employee? Have you discovered that your confidential information is being used to assist another business? In either case, you must act quickly and decisively.

Experience and expertise

Choosing the right lawyers when faced with one or more of the scenarios outlined above is critical. Our employment team has extensive experience of litigating and defending actions involving the misuse of confidential information and the enforcement of restrictive covenants.

Pragmatic and commercial

Working closely with the firm’s commercial litigation department, our employment team’s understanding of the complex legal issues involved in cases concerning confidential information and restrictive covenants, ensures that clients receive comprehensive, pragmatic and commercial advice at all times and that, where necessary, robust and decisive action is taken to protect their interests.

Preventative action

You will be in a much better position to take quick and effective action to prevent a current or former employee from preparing to compete with you (or using confidential information or intellectual property, or poaching your staff or customers), if you have in place robust contractual clauses which anticipate and prevent such action and which have been built into your employment contracts.

Post-termination restriction clauses (sometimes called restrictive covenants) require particular care during drafting – if they are too weak then they won’t adequately protect your interests, however, if they are too restrictive then they risk being held to be unenforceable by the courts.

Our team of specialist employment solicitors have years of experience in drafting contracts of employment and service agreements, and will ensure that your business interests are protected to the utmost.