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Employment Law Advice Package

If you employ staff, keeping your paperwork compliant and knowing what to do if issues flare up can be a worry – particularly if HR is only one of a number of areas you oversee in your organisation. This is why we have developed a package of services – under the name of ‘Harrowells Assist’ - that help you keep on top of your HR responsibilities whilst also spinning all those other plates.

Benefits of our Harrowells Assist package

  • Advice in person, over the telephone or email from our specialist employment solicitors
  • Practical and straightforward solutions to employee problems
  • Confidence when making decisions about employees
  • Well drafted tailor-made documents and letters as required by law and to protect your business
  • Flexible payment and contract terms to help with budgeting

An innovative aspect of our package is that we also offer tailored training for your line managers. If they understand the importance of compliance and how to deal with situations that can arise, you can shift your organisation from one that is constantly reacting to issues to one that is proactive and avoids problems or – at the very least – can nip them in the bud.

Follow this link to find out more about the Harrowells Assist Employment Law Advice Package.